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Family Time

I believe in the little moments.

I seek to capture the moments often thought of as the "in between" when in reality they are everything.  

The kids covered in dirt from exploring the world outside, the baby smeared with food while discovering all the new flavors, the accidental missed focus that captures the feeling of the moment, the laughs and the tickles, the sweet baby kisses, and the alternate perspective that changes the way you see the moment.

I love to see kids be themselves, running free, jumping in circles, just unable to sit still. I love to see Mama or Daddy comforting the ones who just aren't that happy at the moment. I love to see a family making memories while I document it and preserve it for them.

I want you to remember your session as an experience.

I want you to feel the moment verses needing perfection.

Perfection is a misconception.

Perfection is not real, but what is actually real is beautifully and wonderfully imperfect. 

1 Hour Session $375

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