I believe in the little moments.

I value authenticity.

I seek to capture the moments often thought of as the "in between" when in reality they are everything.  

If you need the perfect photos captured by the perfect photographer then I am not your girl. Perfection is a misconception. The kids covered in dirt from exploring the world outside, the baby smeared with food while discovering all the new flavors, the accidental missed focus that captures the feeling of the moment, and the alternate perspective that changes the way you see the moment. For too long I tried to be what others thought I should be. The truth is that I will never be those things. I will always be messy, different, flawed, and real. And that is what a session with me will be. I want you to feel the moment verses needing perfection. Perfection is not real, but what is really real is beautifully imperfect. 

 Storytelling Session


Starting at $375

Storytelling Sessions can be done in a number of different settings. Some examples are:

On your favorite hike, or exploring a new trail.

An activity that you and your loved ones enjoy doing together.

A beautiful outdoor location amongst nature. 

Downtown at your favorite bakery or coffee shop. 

In your favorite place doing your favorite things. 

In the comfort of your own home. 

It is okay and even encouraged to think outside of the box and tradition when capturing your family's memories! Contact me today to discuss how we can create beautiful images that are uniquely you! 


I am a Lifestyle and Documentary Photographer in North Alabama. 

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